We proudly partner with many dog-related organisations to support the local economy and give back to the community. We are also dedicated and proud supporters of many dog-related charity groups and donate 10% of our proceeds to helping fund important causes.


Charity partners

Organisations like the RSPCA and Guide Dogs Australia rely on the support of the community to continue their vital work. Dogs and their welfare are a big part of our team’s life, and we believe charities are doing a wonderful job when it comes to helping dogs and the dog loving community. These organisations rely on donations and community support to generate the funds required to continue working towards their cause.

That is why raising donations is so important to our team. Dog owners and lovers will know they are doing a good thing when they sign up to Puppi Lovers, with 10% of our proceeds being donated to charity. This initiative is one small way that dog lovers can extend their support and care for those who need it most. We promote this initiative by publishing the names of our charity partners within the Puppi Lovers app.

Puppi Lovers is helping dog-related charities to increase recognition of their causes and reach new potential supporters. Our charity partners gain benefits such as increased funding and chance to increase their reach. This reach is further maximised by our Puppi Lovers users themselves, who we see are often eager to share their contribution to charity socially.

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    Corporate business partnerships

    We develop deep relationships with a vast range of local businesses to create partnerships that are mutually beneficial. Working in partnership with Puppi Lovers can bring lasting benefits to dog-related companies. Our experienced partnerships team is an expert in creating inspiring partnerships that deliver business benefits. Here at Puppi Lovers, we can develop a corporate partnership that meets all business goals.

    All-things-dogs is what we love. Puppi Lovers is driven by uniting the dog-loving community and promoting businesses that want to do the same. Through our online and in-app directory, we aim to connect dog owners with businesses and services related to them. Not only does this make their lives easier, but it also helps businesses to reach verified dog owners who are interested in their products.

    We know our user base. And our user base is your target audience. Since this market is very specific and exclusive, it is easy for local businesses to utilise our platform to pander to prospective customers. By partnering with Puppi Lovers, businesses will be placed front and centre for all dog lovers to find.

    Corporate business partners

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