Dating Tips


Avoid fur-miliar places

If you've been in the dating game for some time, try not to visit the same bar every date. Yes, it's easy to do, especially if it's your favourite neighbour bar. But it can well lead to some awkward run-ins with past dates!

There are many factors that determine the best venue for your date. The setting you choose can help your personality to sign. Using our doggie directory to find a casual location can allow you to let your guard down without feeling any pressure. Bring your pups along on your date, and let them be a nice icebreaker. It gives you something to bond over, as well as a more organic way to chat about something.

The secret to a successful first Puppi Lovers date? Location, location, location.

How do you choose a place that both you and your Puppi Lovers match will agree on? Decide together! Remember that dog ownership is your mutual interest, and use that as inspiration. Share a love of the outdoors? Visit a dog off-leash trail. Like brunch food and nice parks? Opt for a dog-friendly cafe. Finding that commonality will create the perfect environment for a great first date.

We've surveyed our Puppi Lovers members and discovered that the best first dates involve activities, rather than just grabbing a couple of drinks at the local bar. Lots of people choose bars for their first date because it can seem more comfortable, but the experience can easily become underwhelming and monotonous. Puppi Lovers is changing that. By using our doggie directory and bringing your dogs along on the date, you are treating your date to an exciting experience. You're more likely to have an engaging and overall positive experience - and that's your ticket to a second date.