Dating Tips

Don't put all your bones in one basket

Don’t put all your bones in one basket

Try not to over-invest too early on. Look for someone you're compatible with, who has the same goals and similar commitment in life. It takes time. It will take more than a couple of dates to figure out all of this - no matter how enchanting your date may be.

It's great if you're enjoying your time out dating someone you matched with on Puppi Lovers. Just remember that there's a difference between match makers and deal breakers. Compatibility is key to the long-term potential of two individuals. And high compatibility comes from sharing common values, lifestyles and life goals.

Know what you want out of life. Your perfect match will be the one who will help you achieve it.

Compatibility goes beyond having similar taste in music and enjoying the same movies. While the person you've met on Puppi Lovers might be smart, funny and easy going, true compatibility involves so much more than liking their traits. That's why we encourage you to use our full Puppi Lovers features to really get to know each match before you decide to settle down with them.

Finding a compatible life partner isn't so much about looking for a soulmate or taking an extensive compatibility test with a dating agency. It's really just about finding someone whose idea of happiness lines up with yours. It's more than agreeing on the 'big' things like where to live, how many kids you want to have and where you want to travel in future. It's about all these specific things: what you both want out of your careers; what a 'happy' family looks like to you; where you see yourself in 10, 20, 30 years; what you look forward to doing on a Sunday afternoon.

True compatibility in a relationship comes down to finding a plus one to your happiest life possible. Next time you're trying to work out if your Puppi Lovers match is compatible with you, leave the mumbo-jumbo out of it and ask yourself: Am I genuinely happy with this person? Can I happily coexist with this person for a long time? If real happiness exists in your relationship, everything else will fall into place.