Dating Tips

Get yapping

Get yapping

Dogs are great and meeting other dog lovers is also fun. Puppi Lovers is a great way to meet people across the country and more. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there - you might just meet someone as special and unique as you. Having love for your dog is just the beginning.

Don't be afraid of being vulnerable. Put your most genuine self forward and expose yourself to the risk of getting hurt. A risk is something we need to take in the quest for love. Being your true self is attractive and relatable because, when you try to convince your match that you're the perfect person, they'll know that's not the real you since no one is perfect.

Be open-minded about the idea of meeting someone new and make an effort to make that happen.

To be successful on Puppi Lovers, you need to prioritise dating. But we don't mean putting the rest of your social life on hold - we mean you should try to make Puppi Lovers something in which you actively partake, rather than letting your matches be an afterthought. After all, if you're using Puppi Lovers to find new love, you can't expect that one perfect person to just show up in your life. You have to make the effort to meet them, and that requires actively using Puppi Lovers to meet other dog lovers and get chatting.

If you have a premium Puppi Lovers account, don't just accept or decline those who send you matches - browse through some profiles and throw out bones yourself, too! Also, keep an open mind about the people showing up in your Puppi Lovers app. A mark of genuine openness is being able to consider prospects beyond your assumed 'type'. Who knows, maybe you'll have more in common with your date than just dog ownership, and they'll turn out to be your lifelong partner!