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Laugh without paws

Laugh without paws

You don't need to have the same sense of humour to be able to laugh together. Being able to find the humour in bizarre, weird or even upsetting things is what makes us human. If you and your date can do this together, that's a sign of a special connection.

You might have heard people say that you can't be in a health relationship if you are insecure about yourself. If you're insecure, you'll be self-conscious and then laughing and having fun together will be very difficult to do. Suddenly, everything you do is designed to validate your insecurities and make you feel good about yourself. Once you feel generally good about yourself, you'll be confident enough to be silly and not self-conscious in your dating life, which is when it starts getting fun.

When you've just started dating someone you've matched with on Puppi Lovers, humour is effective for not only attracting the other person, but also for overcoming any potential awkwardness that arises as you get to know one another. A shared sense of humour can keep things fresh, vibrant and exciting. It can also get you past disagreements, conflict and small aggravations.

Indeed, conflict is an inevitable part of any intimate relationship. How you manage this conflict determines the success of your relationship. when disagreements arise in your relationship, humour can help ease the tension and restore a sense of connection between the two of you. When used in a respectful manner, a little laughter can turn conflict into a chance for shared fun and intimacy. It can also help you to express your thoughts and opinions without hurting the other person's feeling or getting their defenses up. Of course, humour isn't a magical cure for disagreements, but it's powerful tool to help work past the rough spots.