Dating Tips

Remain paws-itive

Remain paws-itive

Sometimes it isn't the right time, or even the right person, and that's okay. Learn from each date and bounce back from any slip-ups. It's all a part of the dating experience, and once you accept that, you'll start to have more fun. And remember, there's always the next match.

There's no rush to meet the perfect person right away. Building rapport and trust with someone takes time, and it's okay to let things progress a little slow. Use Puppi Lovers to exchange a good number of messages and have some video calls. Get to know your match before you take things off Puppi Lovers and meet up in person.

Keep trying and don't lose motivation.

It's quite rare to meet the perfect person instantly when you first start online dating. And honestly, that's for the best, so don't be discouraged! Take this as an opportunity to improve your dating skills and figure out exactly what you're looking for in Puppi Lovers and in a long-term romantic partner. Maybe you'll learn something about your preferences that you didn't know before.

Patience pays off in the end - remember that! We understand that it can be unfortunate that love at first sight isn't as common as we'd like. And some of our users might have a few bad dates before they meet their dream match. Try not to be discouraged if you're on a first date and your match isn't what you had hoped for. Make the most of your experience and learn from it. You might be compatible in some things, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you're right for one another. We have to kiss a few frogs before we meet our prince or princess. There's always your next match, and you never know that's around the corner!