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    Puppi Lovers allows you to grow your customer base through our online community of dog lovers. Our user base is global and each and every member is a verified dog owner. You will find your business listed on our website and in-app directory, front and center for all dog owners to see.

    As a business that sells dog-related services or products, you need to connect with customers that are looking for your offering. The doggie directory is a huge component of the Puppi Lovers app and is a core reason that most of our users have a premium membership with us. By partnering with us, verified dog owners will find your business first. Your business will be listed above others in our directory, and users can receive notifications about your services. To make Puppi Lovers more user-friendly, we have no banners in the app. Instead, we run interstitial ads, which are the best for both you and our users.


    How can Puppi Lovers help?

    • List your business on top, on our website and in-app directory.
    • Give out exclusive member benefits.
    • Offer exclusive discounts on your products or services.
    • Avail end-to-end and tactical marketing solutions.
    • Engage with millions of verified dog owners via push notifications.