Online Dating Tips

Dating is many things: exciting, fun, enlightening, funny and sometimes a little awkward. But one thing it isn’t? Simple. We’ve collected all of our dating lessons and turned them into a set of online dating tips that will help you navigate the many phases of dating.

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Set yourself some healthy boundaries and make sure your match is respectful of them. Speak up for what you need, what you are and aren't comfortable with, but make sure you aren't too rigid.

You don't need to have the same sense of humour to be able to laugh together. Being able to find the humour in bizarre, weird or even upsetting things is what makes us human. If you and your date can do this together, that's a sign of a special connection.

Sometimes it isn't the right time, or even the right person, and that's okay. Learn from each date and bounce back from any slip-ups. It's all a part of the dating experience, and once you accept that, you'll start to have more fun. And remember, there's always the next match.

Try not to over-invest too early on. Look for someone you're compatible with, who has the same goals and similar commitment in life. It takes time. It will take more than a couple of dates to figure out all of this - no matter how enchanting your date may be.

Dogs are great and meeting other dog lovers is also fun. Puppi Lovers is a great way to meet people across the country and more. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there - you might just meet someone as special and unique as you. Having love for your dog is just the beginning.

If you've been in the dating game for some time, try not to visit the same bar every date. Yes, it's easy to do, especially if it's your favourite neighbour bar. But it can well lead to some awkward run-ins with past dates!