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4 Pup-Pleasing Activities for Every Dog Lover

Finding entertaining and beneficial games for dogs is one of the nicest aspects of a dog lover. Exercise that is both mentally and physically challenging is a terrific method to keep your dog healthy. Your bond with your pup is also strengthened. 

You’ll get four new game ideas from this blog post to play with your dog and make new memories. While these games can be modified for indoor play when you and your pet are looking down on a wet Saturday indoors, which is something that happens rather frequently these days in NSW, or you may also let loose in your own backyard.

Hide the Treat or Hide and Seek

A dog lover can never go wrong with hiding the treat if you’re wanting to engage your dog’s intellect with some challenging games. They can practise their problem-solving abilities while having fun with this enrichment activity for dogs. Simply hide the treat somewhere challenging for your dog and rub it on a few locations along the path to its hiding spot to create a trail. As your dog approaches and recedes from the treat, consider using words like “warm” and “cold” to make it more challenging. Their listening abilities will improve when you try to divert them by switching to another tone.

Fetching Frisbees

Frisbee fetching is another enjoyable activity a dog lover can play with their dog. As the “advanced version of fetch,” frisbee encourages your dog to pursue objects across considerable distances. For dogs with a natural desire to chase, playing fetch is a lot of fun and a fantastic kind of exercise. For dogs with lots of energy, fetch is a fantastic pastime. It helps them fulfil their instinct to run while giving them a tonne of physical activity. By giving your dog a variety of toys to chase, you can keep him mentally stimulated and active. To keep your dog more engaged, experiment with changing the height, distance, and direction of your throws.

Chase the Prey

Encourage the dog’s natural hunting urges in a way that won’t send neighbourhood squirrels scurrying up trees. A flirt pole is used in this game.It is a long pole or stick with a rope connected to one end. Tie a soft toy to it and move it gently while stopping regularly to let your dog prepare to pounce. As a reward, make sure you occasionally let your dog “catch” the toy so they may build confidence and maintain interest. Keep in mind that using a flirt pole on your dog has a significant impact and may be hard on its joints. Start with brief sessions and build up to longer ones if your dog isn’t naturally highly active.

Tug of War

The traditional game of tug of war is one that most dogs and dog lovers enjoy. Tug-of-war is entertaining and interesting for your dog and is great for both inside and outdoor play. Additionally, all of that tugging and pulling is a terrific form of exercise. Don’t over excite your dog when playing this game and keep kids out of the game. Consider your dog’s dental and gum health when playing tug of war, among other things. Use a substance that won’t irritate your mouth’s interior.

Final Ideas

It’s your time now. What game does your dog enjoy playing the most?

Don’t forget the timeless games like tug of war and frisbee, which are enjoyable on most days. If you haven’t played fetch in a while, you could also want to think about doing so, or you might even want to consider setting up a backyard hide and seek area.