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5 First Date Ideas With Your Dog and Dog Lover

Now that you’ve met someone you want to get to know, it’s time to organise that crucial first date. Although you still don’t know a lot about the other person, you do know that they are dog lovers like you. Numerous opportunities arise as a result of that one fact, but where will you go and what will you do?

Planning a first date with a dog theme, or even just a date where you can bring your dog, has several advantages. You won’t have to worry about leaving your cherished dog alone at home because you share a common interest. In fact, dogs make the pawfect chaperones for first dates as they lift the mood, spark conversations, and cool off any stress.

Still feeling stressed about choosing the pawfect location and activity for your first date? Worry, no more – these five first date ideas with your pooches are what you’ve been searching for!

Take a walk or a hike: Dogs adore taking long strolls. Talk to your match and get to know them more while you walk your respective pets and make sure they won’t cause a mess when you arrive home. Perhaps as you and your pet’s leashes intertwine as you walk together, so too will both of your pathways.



Centennial Parklands are everyone’s first choice; however, Queens Park, which is basically connected to Centennial Parklands, is another great place to let your dog socialise and roam around but keep them on a leash if sport is being played on the fields.

Eat at a pet-friendly restaurant/café: There are many pet-friendly cafes popping up all over India, and you can always go on a fancy dinner date with your pets. Dress them up in their own outfits so they look as good as you two on your date

pet-friendly restaurant


Share a gelato this summer with your pooch at Dachstund Coffee. That’s right, your dog can eat a dog gelato made from honey, coconut, mango, carrot, and carob at one of Sydney’s best dog friendly cafes. 

Watch open-air cinema: The benefit of opting for an open-air cinema instead of an indoor venue is that your dog doesn’t have to leave at home, making this ideal first date cinema option for dog lovers. To add an extra bit, why not take a picnic and some fizz to make your first date more special?

Watch open-air cinema


Take a picnic to a pet-friendly park: On a lovely evening, set your wicker basket and chequered tablecloth on the lawn and take pleasure in a beautiful picnic as your pets run around freely since they have the burst of energy.

Take a picnic to a pet-friendly park


Centennial Parklands is one of the largest and most dog-friendly parks in Sydney. With more 150 hectares of open space within the parklands being designated as off-leash.

Paint with your pets: Who said pets couldn’t paint? Simply apply some paint to a canvas, cover it with clingfilm, then place your pet’s preferred likable treat on top. As they lick away, watch them collaborate with you to create art. You not only get to see your dog’s interact in a cute way, but you also get a painting as a memento of your first date. Isn’t that just a pawfect?

Paint with your pets


Final Thoughts

If the thought of a first date is making you feel a little nervous, you’ll benefit from the support of your best furry friend. Besides, when you both own dogs, there are more than two hearts to consider as you embark on this new relationship!

If you are still looking for some inspiration, check out our Puppi Lovers app.