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good boy?

Puppi Lovers is a safe space for dog parents to meet and date other dog parents with their dogs. So you can surround yourself with people who really understand your love for your dog. #LoveMeLoveMyDog.

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Wait, what?

Yup, you read that right! In a nutshell, Puppi Lovers is:

  • The biggest community for single dog parents.
  • Finder of dog friendly places/services.
  • Giving awesome free vouchers.
  • Donating 10% profit to animal charities.
  • Woof.
Wait what illustration

Works like a treat!

Why Puppi Lovers 1

Why Puppi Lovers?

We partner with cruelty-free services/suppliers only as it is important for us to provide security for users, connect likeminded people across the globe, and encourage love and respect for animals.

Why Puppi Lovers 2

The only app your dog will ever want you to get.

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