Things to do With Your Dog on the Weekend

Having a pup in your life is very rewarding. Dogs are loving, loyal and wonderful companions. For many of us dog parents, they’re not just pets but family members. And likewise, our furry companions love spending time with us. Unfortunately, busy schedules can get in the way and limit the amount of spare time we have for making our dogs feel valued. So, make the most of the time you have and try some of these things to do with your dog on the weekend.

Cuddle up with a movie

If the weather is bad or you can’t get outside, there are plenty of housebound activities you can enjoy with your dog. Why not cuddle up on the couch with some Netflix? Chill out with your pup while you binge watch a new series or catch the latest blockbuster release.

Go for a drive

Not every dog enjoys car rides, but those that do really enjoy them. From the way they stick their head out the window to the way they’re excited to watch their surroundings fly by, your dog would be more than grateful for a weekend drive with you.

Visit a dog-friendly beach

Most dogs love a dip in the water, especially during the warmer months. Plus, a trip to the beach usually involves a car ride, which is a bonus for your pup. Spending your weekend by the beach is an excellent and fun bonding activity for both you and your dog. Pack some lunch for the two of you and make a day of it.

Visit a dog park

You can’t go wrong with a visit to the local dog park. It’s the perfect opportunity for both you and your dog to spend time together and get some exercise in. Give your pup an extra treat and bring their favourite toy or ball.

Give your dog a bath

Some dogs love baths. Others… not so much. Take it outside with sprinklers, a hose or even a pool. Your dog will enjoy the fun factor and you can even follow it up with a little grooming. It’s a fun activity for your dog and a time-saving solution for the busy dog parent.