Why You Should Date a Dog Parent

Dog parents are often nurturing, responsible and happy to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Sure, spur-of-the-moment getaways are out of the question when you have a dog waiting at home. But dog parents make some of the best romantic partners. Here’s why you should date a dog parent.

They love affection

After a long day, there’s no where a dog parent would rather be than cuddled up next to their pooch. But they’ll happily make some space for you to squeeze in between.

They keep active

Everyone knows that dogs need to be walked. Most dog parents make time to take their dog on a daily stroll. On the weekend, they might even hit up a hiking trail, the local dog park or the beach for some fresh air with their fur baby. If you date a dog parent, it’s likely that you’re join them in their active hobbies.

They can commit

Dog parenthood is a long-term commitment. A person who is more than happy to sacrifice their money, time, freedom and energy to care for a dog is probably willing to make a similar commitment for you as well.

They’re patient

Puppies can really test your patience. Dog parents have dealt with barking in the middle of the night, chewed up belongings and cleaning up unmentionables. Caring for a pup isn’t easy, but the dog parent takes it all in stride. When you truly love someone, be it a romantic partner or a furry companion, it’s worth the work.

They’re fun

Dog parents don’t take themselves too seriously. They happily play silly games with their dog, toss around goofy dog toys and run around the park with a tennis ball. This sense of playfulness is sure to show up in their romantic relationships, too.